International Photo Contest 2018 – DEADLINE EXTENDED!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MONDAY 10/29 at 12PM NOON. As part of our International Education Week events, the Office of International Programs is holding a photo contest! Current Wingate students who have studied abroad on an approved Wingate program AND international students currently studying at Wingate are invited to submit their photos to the contest.... Continue Reading →

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International Education Week 2018

International Education Week is NOVEMBER 5-9! Check out the IEW Calendar 2018 and this post to learn more about how the Office of International Programs is celebrating. MONDAY, November 5 International Photo Contest Gallery Open & Bulldogs' Choice Voting Hosted by: The Office of International Programs Location: DPC Lobby Art Gallery Time: 12pm-5pm Fulbright Scholar... Continue Reading →

Insider Tips About The Costa Rica Program

1. Try the Fruits! All of them! Costa Rica is native to all kinds of fruits, some you have probably never heard of! Be sure to try Guanabana! 2. Bring an umbrella and a rain jacket… SERIOUSLY. During the months of May and June is Costa Rica’s “Rainy Season." It will most likely rain everyday, but... Continue Reading →

5 Common Study Abroad Myths

As a student worker in the Office of International Programs, students are always telling me why they don't think they'll be able to go abroad for anything longer than our 10-day W'International Program. But fortunately, in most cases, all they need are the facts and a little push to get them to ready for the... Continue Reading →

Local Travel Guide: Charlotte, NC

If you're looking for a place that allows you to get off campus and is outside of the Monroe/Wingate area, here are some cool and fun places to check out in Charlotte. Quick facts: Driving distance from Wingate: ~30 miles Must sees: Romare Bearden Park and 7th Street Market Things to Do: Bike around the... Continue Reading →

Local Travel Guide: Monroe, NC

Most of us are in a position where money is low and time is limited, but we're still looking for something fun to do with our friends. This travel guide will prove you don't have to spend your life savings or waste a whole day in a car in order to enjoy time away from... Continue Reading →

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